The new year is well underway, and a new plug-in from BigCommerce is among the most exciting developments so far in 2019. It makes it possible to boost your WordPress online store with unlimited content, while at the same time you have a powerful and scalable online store solution that takes your store to new heights. The best of all is that you can manage both the website and the online store directly from the WordPress platform.

Headless online store – mix of content and store

One of the advantages of a headless online store is that you can have full focus on developing valuable content for your customers, without the online store being compromised. This is a plug-in that is ideal for those who want to start an online store on their WordPress site, as well as those who want to move to BigCommerce from another online store solution. You get full access to the store’s catalog on the WordPress platform, while you are free to design the website exactly as you wish.

WordPress is an optimal tool for creating a holistic online customer experience. Customers get everything they need in one and the same place: namely information and products on the same website. This allows you to easily create a sales channel that engages and converts. You also have good opportunities to capture new potential customers with the help of search engine optimisation.

The solution is optimal for retailers who want to use the functionality behind WordPress to produce content and engage customers, and at the same time have a powerful and simple online store solution that copes with a growing business. The plugin comes with important features to increase conversions and improve search rankings, resulting in an optimal combination of beautiful design and scalable solutions for e-commerce.

It is possible to manage the online store inside WordPress, and it is also possible to manage several online stores from the same control panel. You don’t need to install many additional WooCommerce plug-ins since BigCommerce WordPress plug-in has several functionalities built-in. Among other things, you can calculate shipping costs and send out messages about order status, without having to use many other services and software for this.

Another advantage is that you can choose any WordPress theme you want, and you have full freedom and flexibility to create a well-designed, on-brand online store. If you want to take your WordPress online store to the next level in 2019, the BigCommerce plug-in can help you grow and scale your business.

In addition , BigCommerce offers a flexible online store solution that you can use to sell your products on Facebook, Instagram and in store. You don’t have to pay transaction fees, and the solution is 75% cheaper to set up than Magento Commerce.

We can help you

Think Commerce is the Nordic region’s first certified BigCommerce Agency Partner , and we also collaborate with , which offers WordPress hosting in Norway with extreme performance. We can assist you with starting or transferring your online store solution so that you get an optimal conversion rate. Together, we find a solution that is optimal for your company and ensure that the transition goes painlessly, whether you want a tailored design or help with migration to BigCommerce from other online store solutions.

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