Majema - Magento 2 for Shopify Plus

After several years with Magento 2, Majema wanted stability and lower maintenance costs. The choice fell on Shopify Plus, and we at Think Commerce got the job of migrating Majema from Magento 2 to Shopify plus.

From Magento 2 to Shopify Plus

We at Think Commerce had already worked with Majema since 2018 with maintenance and updates of their Magento 2 online store. Magento 2 worked for them, but eventually Majema wanted to move to a platform that is easier to maintain and faster to develop new features. 

The choice fell on Shopify Plus, which is known to provide a lower cost over time compared to other e-commerce platforms!

About the project

Think Commerce began the project towards the end of 2020. The first focus was to do a Proof of Concept on Majema’s most important functionalities, and what they were most excited about was whether they could customize the checkout in the same way as they had in Magento.

As you know, Shopify has a more locked checkout where you cannot make major changes, but since Majema chose to go with Shopify Plus, we at Think Commerce knew that we could make the adjustments that Majema wanted.

Although we often design for our customers, we worked with Majema’s own designer to create a completely custom theme from the ground up that is completely adapted to Majema’s functional requirements. The online store is only part of Majema’s business, and therefore there were many requirements outside of a “standard” Shopify Plus online store. We built many flexible and advanced templates for content pages that Majema could use to build the online store.

Success went live with Shopify Plus, and they now have an easier everyday life where further development can happen faster, and Majema’s in-house team can work faster with the online store.

We have already launched several new functions and templates after go live, and will continue to do so in the future.

  • Date 2021
  • Platform Shopify Plus
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