GaitLine - Multi-store D2C/B2B

After several years with Magento 2, GaitLine wanted more flexibility, lower costs and a better B2B solution. The choice fell on Shopify Plus, and we at Think Commerce got the job of creating the new digital online shopping solution for GaitLine.

From Magento 2 to Shopify Plus

GaitLine is a Norwegian-developed shoe brand that sells both directly to customers (D2C) and to shoe and sports shops (B2B) in the Nordics, Europe and the USA. They have grown rapidly since they launched in 2014, and in mid-2022 GaitLine came to Think Commerce to find out more about Shopify Plus and evaluate the platform as an alternative to their solution on Adobe Commerce (Magento 2 Commerce).

After learning more about Shopify Plus as a platform and us as an agency, GaitLine wanted Think Commerce to lead the effort in building their new digital platform for B2B and B2C that is easy to operate, and scalable with more investment and increased sales.

About the project

Think Commerce and GaitLine started the project in August 2022. The first focus was to migrate the D2C stores from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus before Black Friday. The focus was to keep the overall design simple to get all content and products over to Shopify, while building a flexible platform for future growth for GaitLine.

We set up 5x D2C storefronts to handle sales in Norway, Sweden, Denmark directly, but at the same time also have an EU store and a US store that handles sales outside the EU.

Towards the end of 2022, we also started building the new B2B store for GaitLine. One of the problems with Magento was that they never got a B2B portal in place that the customers can use and therefore all B2B orders had to be entered into the admin by the sellers of GaitLine. This was one of the main goals of the project, using Shopify’s new B2B solution to create a B2B store where shoe and sports stores can go in and order shoes themselves. This was launched in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the EU in January 2023 as one of the first with this solution in Europe.

Success went live with Shopify Plus just a few weeks before Black Friday, and launching and managing the Black Week sale was made much easier with the help of Launchpad where we could plan and automatically start and stop the sale at a time that GaitLine decided .

They have had a fantastic increase in the conversion rate in the first 90 days compared to the same period on Magento the year before, and are now ready to push GaitLine both nationally and internationally.

  • Date 2022
  • Platform Shopify Plus
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